For the past 14 years, has been my online identity. It’s the URL of this blog, the hub for all I do online.

Even as blogging in the traditional sense has diminished, my blog has still accompanied me through all the best and worst of my work and personal life – from the saga of Brexit (and the Brexit diagrams) to the headache of finding a flat in Berlin. It has accompanied my teaching work at the College of Europe and been the launch pad for the Atheist Bus Campaign. It has been the place I have documented the problems with Europe’s railways, and proposed fixes. It has acted as a Commission Concours support forum, and resulted in how-to guides about everything from rebuilding bicycles to making servers. It has been the showcase for some of my other online work, like community projects during COVID or, political campaigns and tactical voting guides. There have been 2151 posts and 869157 words so far, and always a pursuit in my free time, and unpaid.

And now, somehow, there might be a little reward for all of that. My blog has nominated for a .eu Web Award. Voting takes place until 5th August and you can vote for me here. If you’ve somehow appreciated something I have written here over all these years, I would be so very grateful if you could spend a moment to submit a vote. Amusingly one of the prizes is two months of billboard advertising… at Brussels Airport. What could be better than putting up a pro-sustainable travel message there – in keeping with the ethos of this blog? 😉

The idea of the award is to focus on businesses or people for whom the .eu domain is important. I work EU wide, I teach EU politics, I criss cross the EU by train… and this blog is even called Euroblog. No domain name ending makes more sense for me than .eu


  1. Daniel Wolf

    Hi Jon: I found your blog to be very interesting during the Brexit saga, share your position entirely and admire your energy, perceptiveness and decency. You gave me some hope, although ultimately that hope has been dashed. I will vote for you and wish you all the best for the future. Best regards, Daniel Wolf ps. if you’re interested, you can find a few of my essays on “The Article”, including a couple on Dominic Cummings – google

  2. Happy to vote for your blog Jon, but which category do you think fits best? Options are Leaders; Rising Stars; Laurels; House of .eu; Better World. Makes sense to pick one and not split the votes ; )

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