Newcastle bridges

The last few weeks have been manic – far too much to do in the office, and all the preparation for eventually starting as a freelance website designer in the autumn. It’s all very exciting, but tiring too, and blogging has suffered as a result.

But the crazy weeks are behind me now. Helena and I are off to Newcastle tomorrow, then on to Bergen (by ferry) and then to Oslo, Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö and Berlin (by train). It will for sure be fun, and I do hope I might see a little bit of sun somewhere along the way. I’ll do my best to post as many photos and observations throughout the 3 weeks. The journey does of course emit C02, but at least a bit less than if we were taking the plane instead.


  1. We just reached Tirana tonight and will also have an interesting journey for the next weeks. Driving to the South towards the Greek border will also emit some CO2 for sure, but should be good fun. Keep us posted Jon.

  2. Have a nice time, dear. Was lovely to see you last. week. xx

  3. Bonnes vacances! Looking forward to seeing the photos. Oli’s also off on a low-carbon adventure this week: by train… to Iran. Sadly I’m staying behind to write my thesis 🙁

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