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Twitter tipping points

Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has today announced she is leaving Twitter/X (her announcement in Le Monde here, news story from Politico here). I think she rather overdoes the rhetoric, but that’s not the central point – she is an important politician deciding to abandon the platform, and that is […]


The demise of Twitter: don’t whine, organise!

Out of the window of the train just north of Brussels you can see the poster pictured here – Niet panikeren, organiseren it says. Don’t panic, organise in English. The past few days a slightly alternative slogan has been on my mind. Don’t whine, organise! We’ve had Sarah Manavis writing for The New Statesman […]


Transport posts moved to a separate website

On 14.2.2023 I moved all the transport posts from this blog to, and all non-transport posts will stay here at Euroblog – and that now has a new URL All the redirects have been updated so as to mean there should not be any broken links!