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We’re up and running! [UPDATED, 21.07.2005]

Am I too late jumping on the blogging band-waggon? Or have I been missing out? The software is installed (the blog even now has its second design revision – already!), the technology is all set up, and I have even tried a bit of blogging (of sorts) on the website […]

EU Politics

Balkenende tries to save face in The Guardian

Jan Peter Balkende has decided that the way to address the fact that he is deeply unpopular in the Netherlands, and even more unpopular in the rest of the EU because he presides over a country that rejected the Constitution, is to write an article in The Guardian. The full […]

UK Politics

The NHS really is improving

Well, so it seems at least… I finally sorted things out to register with a local doctor in London – the practice of Dr. Santamaria on Clapham Manor Street. An appointment was fixed for less than 24 hours later, and that appointment was even early. So everything should be sorted […]

Ryanair Plane
EU Politics

Getting on and off planes – well!

Have you ever been at an airport and thought: damn, I really wish all of these other passengers would get themselves moving onto the plane a bit faster? That way we would not be so stressed, delayed, annoyed (delete as appropriate). This post is a starting point to discuss what […]