It seems that blogging has not really taken off in UK politics yet. Boris Johnson, now free from the mistress and the work he had to put in on the Conservative front bench has given it a go though, and in typical style his comments about how the UK should react to the threats we face make you smile a bit. Have a look here.

The best way to cure ourselves of Islamophobia is to have a laugh“- well, I just hope he keeps smiling.

Perhaps I should not have relegated him to the bit of the page after the ‘More…’ link, but Tom Watson, the MP for West Bromwich West is the king of the UK political bloggers. He started everything off, and the blog is quite interesting and has a lively debate.

On the EU front, Margot Wallström, the Vice President of the European Commission has started a blog on her webpage. Congratulations for the effort of doing that – the amount of anti-EU comments there is huge, and even worse than the criticism we have received at YES Campaign. The blog has been a bit unreliable lately – maybe too many vehemently opposed visitors!

Also on the EU front, one of the most thoughtful MEPs in the European Parliament – Richard Corbett – has launched a blog. The content is good, but the text is a bit hard to digest.

I’ve added all of these to the links in the right column…

P.S. Boris Johnson’s father used to be an official at the European Commission… Wonder what he really thinks about Europe?

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