Am I too late jumping on the blogging band-waggon? Or have I been missing out?

The software is installed (the blog even now has its second design revision – already!), the technology is all set up, and I have even tried a bit of blogging (of sorts) on the website of the YES Campaign in the past. But is this really a useful way to communicate? Or am I going to waste even more hours in front of the computer? Anyway, time will tell.

For the moment, there are only 2 people I know who are super keen at this – Helena (but the blog is in Swedish), and Marianne Bonnard in Quebec. And I can’t even manage to locate Marianne’s blog… Hmmm. So much for the wonders of technology and/or Google!

The site is running using the excellent pLog blogging software – Php/MySQL, and open source. The template system is taking a bit of getting used to though, so my apologies for pages looking a bit of a mess at the moment. Hosting is by ProWebHost – cheap and reliable. Most of the posts are done from my G4 Powerbook which tends to be wherever I am… More on Apple computers will follow soon in the blog.

Anyway, c’est la vie, and let’s get on with it!

[UPDATED] I am an Apple user, and no fan of Internet Explorer, especially as older versions of it do not respect standard web conventions. So I’m afraid that Internet Explorer users will just have to tolerate an ugly looking calendar in the left column. Use Firefox or Safari instead if you want to see this blog in all its glory!

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  1. Marianne

    Hey Jon,

    ah ah found this old entry of your blog where you wondered where mine was – so here’s the address. Obviously you ll also need passwords and so on. Having a blog does not always mean being an exhibitionist about one’s lief, isn’t it?!

    I’m now back in Quebec and hope I can write more on the blog very soon. I just need to find a wireless connection somewhere.

    Best and hope to hear from you soon,


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