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Harriet Harman’s blog and new website went live this morning. I’ve done the work to design and implement the site from scratch (all on a voluntary basis), with considerable help from Helena. The blog will hopefully generate plenty of discussion, while the website be constantly updated with the latest campaign news. You can also download banners and icons for your own blog to indicate that you are supporting Harriet.

I’m really content and grateful for the opportunity to do this work. I knew when I moved to Camberwell & Peckham in September 2006 that it would mean living in a new constituency with a good MP. I cannot have known at the time that I would be catapulted into working on a website for a deputy leadership campaign. Throughout the site development I have worked closely with Harriet and I am absolutely convinced that she is the best person to be Deputy Leader.


  1. Laurence

    Sorry, my mistake in the message I sent you.

    I got my names mixed up. You are of course backing Harriet Harman.

  2. Laurence

    Hi there, I’m starting a new web site, an online magazine for Labour Party supporters and activists. I hope to get going very soon, and at very
    least before the start of the leadership and deputy leadership contests begin.

    The site is aimed at all Labour supporters and aims to be representative of all sections of the party.

    My aim is to get as many bloggers and activists
    involved as possible.I have been in contact with several of our senior bloggers and believe I have got considerable support for the venture.

    So why have I contacted you?Well, I aim to have bloggers representing each candidate involved in updating the site on the latest developments in
    the campaign for their paticular horse. I understand that you are backing Peter Hain, and would like to invite you to run her campaign section at the new
    site, once it gets up and running within the next couple of weeks.

    If you’d like to know more or ask any questions, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

    You can contact me at osousous@yahoo.co.uk

  3. Logically speaking, I think Lib Dems would far rather have Jon Cruddas or Peter Hain as Deputy Leader than they would have Harriet Harman!

  4. Jon,

    Do you have a special banner for Liberal Democrat bloggers like myself who would also be delighted to see Harriet Harman as Deputy Leader of the Labour party? 🙂



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