ecr-groupIt took them 3 months to get a website together, and not before I had hit them with a bit of cyber squatting. Now the ECR Group in the EP is at it again with its catastrophic IT – this time applying it to Twitter. 3 weeks ago I noticed that @ecrgroup on Twitter follows zero people, and tweeted this:

@ecrgroup on Twitter about as inept as the group itself – following ZERO, yes 0 people on Twitter. Clueless.

So have they got the message? No, of course not! In fact I am the only person *ever* to have @replied to ecrgroup as far as I can tell. That’s despite them having 127 followers and pumping out a load of propaganda interesting information a couple of times a week.

It has been a matter for debate here about how many people to follow on Twitter, but zero is absolutely the wrong answer! Their IT is complete and utter failure.

Just for the avoidance of doubt: @ecrgroup is the official ECR Group account on Twitter, it’s linked at the bottom right of their official homepage.

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