Websites are like buses

The old saying goes that you wait ages for a bus, and then 3 of them turn up at once. The same is true for my website work it seems – having not launched any sites for a while, I have managed to launch 3 in a week! A few […] and

Fruits of my Labour: 2 websites launched

This blog has been a bit quiet recently, thanks in large part due to a stupidly large amount of website work and server admin tasks I’ve been doing. I am hence very content to be able to announce the launch of 2 new websites, both Labour Party related. The first […]


RSS should now work from the blog

Thanks to a comment today by VXL, I was informed that RSS was not working on this blog for some reason. Seems there was some bug with the Atom feeds in particular. Anyway, for the moment RSS 0.92 and 2.0 seem to be working OK – hope that is sufficient […]


Eurotopics – an excellent overview of Europe’s media

I have recently come across Eurotopics, a daily news bulletin put together in English, French and German by the Bundeszentrale f√?r politische Bildung. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. It’s a free, simple daily e-mail bulletin that scours Europe’s newspapers each morning, and e-mails concise summaries and links to […]

Europatermine Screenshot

Burning the midnight html: Europatermine

There’s been a good reason for the blog being a bit quiet recently: I have been working like crazy to get the website complete for JEF and Europ√?ische Bewegung in Berlin. It’s needed a hell of a lot of hours of PHP work and neverending requests from the organisers, […]

iMac old and new

Slow start to 2006 blogging!

Things have not really started well with blogging in 2006… First of all, I have been hit by all kinds of people trying to put Spam in my commenting system. Damn them. I am doing my best to sort it out – looks like WordPress can withstand the storm! Trackbacks […]

Server Rack

Euroblog move is complete!

Things have changed here a bit… New technology and a new website! I have moved my blog from pLog to WordPress, and also started to renovate all my other webpages at the same time. The Euroblog is now fully functional in the new format, offering: – Better, clearer design – […]

Ventotenesis Flag

The bizarre world of Nation States

It started with an e-mail from my flatmate Justin, and now I am perplexed and fascinated… The reason – Nation States – a bizarre kind of online nation building experience. Have a look at the main website here, or the Federation of Ventotenesis, the nation I am trying to build […]

EU Politics, Technology

How do you get to Augustusburg?

It had to happen at some point – delays to Ryanair flights. Considering how often I fly with them, it’s a miracle I am not delayed more often. Anyway, Saturday morning most of northern Europe was covered with fog and the incoming aircraft that would then take me to Altenburg […]


iBook in the fridge

How do you breathe new life into an old Apple iBook? Put it in the fridge! Seriously, I was about to remove the memory from a 3 year-old and bashed-to-death iBook that had packed up a few months ago and thought ‘Ah, well, let’s see if it turns on’ and […]


Two tests every blogger should take

You might have read some of the other entries here and thought "what is this guy on about". That’s for sure the way I feel when reading many blogs! So here’s an idea to do something about it. There are 2 tests that give a good idea of what a […]


We’re up and running! [UPDATED, 21.07.2005]

Am I too late jumping on the blogging band-waggon? Or have I been missing out? The software is installed (the blog even now has its second design revision – already!), the technology is all set up, and I have even tried a bit of blogging (of sorts) on the website […]