Things have not really started well with blogging in 2006… First of all, I have been hit by all kinds of people trying to put Spam in my commenting system. Damn them. I am doing my best to sort it out – looks like WordPress can withstand the storm! Trackbacks and comments are still possible, but I have to approve all of them now I’m afraid… Sorry about that, but blame the idiots on the internet that believe spam adverts and make spam profitable, not me!

(Since I wrote that paragraph, a thoughtful article about Spam has appeared in The Guardian. Read it here. While I might have had a good rant at those trying to put spam on this blog, e-mail spam is basically under control now if you know what you’re doing. Surely spam is evolving as the internet evolves…)

Anyway, the real reason for the lack of content here is that I spent the first week of 2006 in Salen in rural Sweden, and this week I am away from London at a conference all week and the wireless internet connection costs a fortune to use. So hence using a cranky fixed computer at the centre, meaning very limited blogging and no pictures!

Better news is that Apple have today released a load of new stuff – a whole range of fab looking new applications to upgrade their iLife series, and also the first Intel Mac that Steve Jobs claims are already a lot faster than the G5s presently used. So let’s hope 2006 is as good for Apple as 2005 – a year of record sales.

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