The old saying goes that you wait ages for a bus, and then 3 of them turn up at once. The same is true for my website work it seems – having not launched any sites for a while, I have managed to launch 3 in a week! A few days ago it was sites for Miranda Grell and LME-LSE, I today proudly announce the launch of a website for Pernilla Ahls√?n, a friend and author based in Stockholm. I’m afraid that the site is in Swedish – I can’t understand it, but I’m sure the text is good. You could just admire the design… 😉

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  1. I like al three, nice simple uncluttered designs just how a website should look; I hate fussy cluttered website wger it takes a week to find what you are looking for, only to find it tucked awahy in some remote corner that is not taken up with advertising…

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