It’s taken a while for this site to see the light of day, but finally the new homepage for Swedish multi-party, left-of-centre, pro-European organisation Vänster för Europa is online. I did the organisation and implementation, and they will then keep it up to date. It’s a bit strange that I end up making a site for the Swedish organisation and have not managed to persuade the UK equivalent – LME – to make anything of my website skills nationally. Anyway, I wish all the folks from Vänster för Europa all the best with their plans. With the efficiency of Helena‘s organisation behind it, and a chairman called Boa you must be sure they will crush the eurosceptics… 🙂


  1. Daniela

    I couldn’t resist and snuck another peak at the JEF-Malta website in the making and it’s looking really really nice! I can only say thank you for your work on it and for actually always answering my emails where I ask for help on the most obvious of things :).

    And well done, I think that you’re doing a great job! (take a vacation every now and then though ok?)

  2. Ah, that’s what happens when other people are responsible for the site updates! I have corrected the link now…

    As for how many things I manage to do: I have to sacrifice too much time and sanity to do all of it though! 🙁

  3. Jon is amazing the amount of things that you can manage to produce in short time, makes me wonder what I do with my time!
    One short thing, out of my very limitated knowledge of Swedish I managed to find the links to other websites, and the link to yours does not work!

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