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This map is the ClustrMap from today for this website – too see the latest one, click the small map at the bottom of any page. I have to say I am getting quite confused by the geographic balance of the visitors to this website… This blog is about EU matters in the main, and I rarely mention the USA. Yet a growing proportion of the visitors are from the United States. This is – I suspect – due to the importance of blogs in general in the USA, and the prevelance of tools such as Technorati. On the other hand, numbers of visits from parts of Europe – Spain and Portugal for example – strike me as extremely low. I can also concluse that the large dot for Riyadh is thanks to what I was writing about the Danish cartoons!


  1. Daniela

    I think this map is really cool! And I see a little spot on Malta too 🙂 … is that me?

  2. Hi Dani!

    Thanks for the comments… Sorry it took a while for them to appear here – I have to check people posting comments are not spammers! 🙂

    If you want one of the maps on your own blog, you can go to ClustrMaps and sign up – it’s free.

  3. This is my first visit and I’m really enjoying it!! I hope I will manage to add another little dot soon on your map 🙂

    keep them coming!!

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