mirandagrell.com and lme-lse.org.ukThis blog has been a bit quiet recently, thanks in large part due to a stupidly large amount of website work and server admin tasks I’ve been doing. I am hence very content to be able to announce the launch of 2 new websites, both Labour Party related.

The first is www.mirandagrell.com, a blog / personal site for a good friend who has been engaged in her local Labour Party for many years. She’s hard working, committed, and a good pro-European as well. So do pay her site a visit! It’s even listed in Bloggers4Labour already which I am quite happy about.

The second site is a launch site for the Labour Movement for Europe in London and the South East Region – www.lme-lse.org.uk. The local region of the LME is part of the efforts to rejuvinate the organisation by setting up local branches and building a solid network of activists. The London & The South East site is a bit bare at the moment, but you might like to at least compare the design with the LME national site.

Anyway, more server admin beckons… 🙁

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