Ventotenesis FlagIt started with an e-mail from my flatmate Justin, and now I am perplexed and fascinated… The reason – Nation States – a bizarre kind of online nation building experience. Have a look at the main website here, or the Federation of Ventotenesis, the nation I am trying to build here. The image here is the flag of my glorious nation – the dove for peace, the hammer for work, and the island map of Ventotenesis – the geographic location of all of this.

The bizarre thing is that there are many thousands of people playing this game (how have I never come across it before you may ask!?! – I ask myself), and proposing and voting on all kinds of resolutions for the United Nations in the game… I can’t quite work out whether there is some fun or point to all of this, or whether I am likely to just get bored quite quickly. Anyway, let’s see how it goes, and I’ll write some posts about it here… And if you are reading this post, please let me know the names of your countries in this game!

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