Edelman have cooked up a little tool called TweetLevel that gives a number that judges an individual’s influence on Twitter. 0 is the minimum score and 100 the maximum. Left Foot Forward has had a go at working out which Labour people have most influence on Twitter in the UK, so I thought I would have a quick go for EU matters.

Essentially TweetLevel uses 4 factors to determine its score:

  • Influence – what you say is interesting and many people listen to it. This is the primary ranking metric.
  • Popularity – how many people follow you
  • Engagement – you actively participate within your community
  • Trust – people believe what you say

There’s more about the methodology here.

So who does best on EU matters on Twitter? The highest score I managed to find was 58 for @kattebel, who scores very highly (71.1) for engagement. Other individuals of note are @linotherhino (52), @dicknieuwenhuis (51) and @eurosocialiste (50). I (@jonworth) score 48, level with @JulienFrisch, @Nosemonkey is on 45, level with @kosmopolit, @MacarenaRG scores 44, @spiller2 scores 41.

Among the institutional Twitterers @JeanineHennis (60) leads @judithineuropa (52), @Sophieintveld (51), @MarietjeD66 (48), @MatthiasGroote (42) and @AlexAlvaro (31) and @JerzyBuzek (29). The latter two score very low for engagement. Amusingly @ecrgroup scores a lousy 16, and an engagement score of 0.3 – due to their generally dire approach to Twitter.

(please add a comment if you think you should be added to the lists!)

[UPDATE] A few more to add – @neurope – 47, @quarsan – 47, @eurocentrique – 39, @eulondonrep – 43, @rose22joh – 30, @bloggingportal – 41, @mteu – 43, @passie_kracht – 43, @erikwesselius – 40, @euroced – 36, @letzi83 – 43, @quatremer – 52, @LB2S – 49, @belitabrux – 32, @dominikfrelih – 34, @steffenmoller – 25, @afourms – 36, @bmbrussels – 22, @placelux – 30, @eurotwittering – 26, @efpia – 24, @europabio – 37, @ewea – 28, @cropprotection – 25, @europeanpaper – 13, @engineerComms – 25, @bueti – 49, @grahamwatsonmep – 23, @EU_Consumer – 31, @emireland – 42, @GellisCom – 24, @J_Zim – 53, @PStrempel – 23, @TonyRobinson – 32, @europeecologie – 48, @pes_activist – 29, @Berlaymont – 52, @UmarAhmed – 38. (Note: if an account is protected it cannot be analysed)


  1. Thanks Jon and others because thanks to this post we can follow many other people interested on EU affairs 🙂
    Ah! thanks for the reference

  2. Afourms

    Hi Jon,
    You miss @belitabrux @zanlaura @dominikfrelih @steffenmoller and myself @afourms.
    Public affairs consultancies: @bmbrussels @placelux @eurotwittering
    There are also some EU associations: @efpia @europabio @ewea @cropprotection @europeanpaper @engineerComms

  3. I’ll refrain from criticising tweetlevel since I only scored a 34 and it’d come across as sour grapes 😉

  4. @kattebel I hope it’s not the better half. 😉

  5. kattebel

    I was truly baffled when I saw your tweet about the ranking. I’m honoured to be in such good company but like Martin & miss Rhino said there is much more to it than what the tweet level shows. It just means I’m spending half my life on twitter. 🙂

  6. @ linotherhino, regarding women’s ability to multi-task, it’s not that we can do several things at the same time, no one can as the brain can only focus on one thing at a time, but it’s just that women are faster at going from one task to another. Here’s for my feminist thought of the day 😉

  7. You’re very good company there, Stefan .. same here.

    I’m still not convinced what the rating shall tell us, though. There’s obviously much more to influence, trust and so on than the tweet level shows you.

  8. Tweetlevel is just like any KPI tool: gives an indication but is as accurate as a blond lawyer doing math (and believe me, under my rhino disguise, I know what I’m talking about ;)). Quality of tweets is missing, even if it can potentially be deducted from a combination of “influence” and “trust”, I guess. For me to rank, even slightly, above @jonworth, @julienfrisch etc just means you guys works a lot more than me (or confirms that myth about women and multi-tasking?)
    Thx for the reference Jon!

  9. Ouff – just made it in your list: 1 point ahead of @spiller 🙂


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