The European Parliament has just put out this video on Youtube saying that’s it’s never too late to vote. Well, who should you actually vote for? Not UKIP as far as I’m concerned… So I produced a little remix:


  1. Folks – please note the date of this entry. I wrote it in May 2009, before the European Parliament elections. It’s not intended to be anything that’s directly to the UK elections taking place in 2010.

  2. T.Griffiths

    Pfft… European Social Democrat, federalist… This is hilarious, theres only one reason for you to say no vote to UKIP, your a brainwashed pro Euro-integrationalist hell bend on destroying the the soveringty of single nations. I suppose with you and your possie you so long for the “New World Order” to have a Federalist state with the manpower, finances and clout of that to rival our “Friends” over the pond. What has so been pointed out, and rightly so, by UKIP is that you don’t seem to mind bulldozing peoples civil liberties and and right to choose this path or any other for that matter. I agree with Nigel Farage, the European Union resembles that of the Soviet Union. Just imagine all the piggies in their palaces, watching over their pathetic, subjued peoples, ruling with an iron fist. I for one cannot wait (Sarcasm) I have never voted UKIP, but only recently have I seen how their opposition to Europe and the Lisbon treaty regarding referendums has been geered upon like they’re asking for something unreasonable, what the hell is wrong with MEP’s and Europe? Yes, you got it right, they’re facists! From now on and as long as is democratically possible, I shall be voting UKIP for UK government, but like many I fear this is too late. God help us all.

  3. Denise Tansley

    I am not voting for any of them even though UKIP are opposed to Europe I thought their strength was Nigel. All politicians have committed high treason since the 1970’s when Ted Heath sold us out to Europe.

    Under your oaths of allegiance, the laws in the Bill of Rights of 1689 make clear this country CANNOT be ruled by ANY foreign power “No foreign Prince, person, Prelate, State, or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Pre eminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual within this Realm.”
    They also added two codicils at the end of the Bill of Rights “Any amendments to the bill after the 23 October 1689 shall be void and not lawful, and this bill is for all time”.This law and its oath are not subject to Parliament because they were given to Parliament by the People whose WILL is supreme over Parliament. This means Parliament may not allow any part of the aforementioned oath to be breached side-stepped or ignored. This Bill of Rights precludes and effectively forbids Parliament from passing any bill like the 1972 EEC Act, the Treaty of Rome or any other European legislation which gives them any say at all in the governance of England. It also precludes Parliament from passing any laws contrary to the spirit of this Bill of Rights.

  4. No we are not lucky being in the EU. Tell me what the benfits of going with the EU are? Do you think the benfits are to have immigrants invading our country, most of them not having a clue about British culture? Do you think the benefits are to pay the EU 40 million pounds per day and help OTHER COUNTRIES such as Poland and the French farmers? Or 75 percent of our rules passed by other countries?

    Don’t you think England was operating just fine without being in the EU in the 20th centuary or sorry I meant BETTER then the 21st centuary and being apart of the EU. The 40 million could be much spent much better then going to the people of other countries and having no return whatsoever.

    The USA wanting us to become one union is another story and all related to the Billderburg Group who ultimately want power across the world.

    It sounds like you don’t have a clue Jon.

  5. I can’t believe how many people commenting are for UKIP. I’m sorry, what is the point of voting an Anti-EU party into the European Parliament. You say we have no benefits from the EU – Read your Liberal Democrat leaflet, you are simply ignorant. How do you know? As far as I’m concerned we haven’t done anything to earn what we have got from the EU yet since all we have done is listen to the US who never listen to Britain. EU is with benefits; American special relationship is without.

    It’s a shame. Yes, there is a threat with Belgium becoming too powerful but that’s no excuse to leave altogether. The trouble with the British public is you don’t understand that the ideology doesn’t work. We just got out of a recession. If you want us to be just an independent UK then say goodbye to your decent trading industry. In the end our economy will be like Germany’s or even Japan’s. I’m sad I was searching anti-UKIP. There’s anti-BNP but really they’re not the dangerous ones to worry about it’s UKIP.

    I like being British-European. I speak and enjoy learning other European languages and non-European languages. I’m bilingual, I know cultures of Europe and want to escape this country. Is UKIP going to take that away from me? Did anyone think of that? Take away my right to that identity and that right to move abroad. Don’t you understand that immigrants need to come because the British emigrate – but who stops us. No heavy border control in Spain. Aren’t we lucky!?

  6. Justin

    I’m either not voting or voting UKIP. Iwould not vote for them in a general election but they would useful in the EU. Some actually looking out for Britain for once. The EU is corrupt and far too big to govern effectivly. We complain about MPs expenses here where as MEPs are even worse offenders. Plus they try harder to supress that fact

  7. This author of the video doesn’t have a clue of what the benefits of being with the EU are for the UK…THERE ARENT ANY…only if you are from the easter europena countries. But for the people of the UK, dont need to be with the EU and thats why it is best to vote for the UKIP.

  8. As a Libertarian party member, I shall be lending my vote to UKIP.

    We don’t need government on this scale. We can already see the damage it is doing.

  9. Paul Sheehan

    Load of crap.Vote UKIP on 4TH June and tell the EU where to go.And dont accuse my party of corruption as the EU is corrupt as they come.

  10. Jon, thanks for the free publicity…


  11. Hmmm, you really need publicity when you consider a woman screaming her head off about Farage to be publicity!

  12. I detect a certain nostalgic longing for the days of the silent movies…

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