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“Wem gehört Europa? Welche europäischen Alternativen gibt es?” debate 17th May, Berlin – come along!

I’m the moderator of the European Alternatives debate in Berlin on Saturday between the MEPs Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann (SPD), Alexandra Thein (FDP) (yes, her of the posters fame), Helmut Scholz (Die LINKE) and Michael Cramer (Grüne). The debate is at the end of the Transeuropa Caravans tour that has been running over the last couple […]

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Vote at #EP2014, 22-25 May 2014. A selection of videos.

Never Forget to Vote From the youth movement of the Swedish Social Democrats, SSU . Voteman The Danish Parliament’s official EP election film that was taken down, and hence I re-post someone else’s upload here . Choose Who’s In Charge Official EP election film I’ll leave you to decide which […]

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It’s a public sphere Jürgen, but not as we know it

It’s European Elections time. That period every five years when people partially wake up to the issue that democracy is supposed to work in the European Union, and the press starts to worry why it does not. The media itself may of course compound the problem. In both the media […]

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Labour’s EU vision in 5 points

I was at an event in Brussels this week where there was much discussion about Labour trying to find 5 points it could put on a pledge card during the 2014 European Parliament election campaign. So, looking at what top politicians in the Labour Party have been saying about the […]

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The counterfactual

A month ago I announced publicly that I no longer had any intention of putting my name forward for the European Parliament election list for Labour. I made the right call, and nothing that has happened since then makes me in any way question my decision. But now, a month […]