Today’s Libertas e-mail states “we rolled out a video that’s flying around the blogosphere” – well 324 views is not exactly flying, and that’s how many people have seen the video as I write. You can view it below. My own anti-UKIP effort is doing better at the moment, with more than 2000 views.

Basically, in its amateur way, Libertas is trying to jump on the coat tails of the anti-politics sentiment that is brewing in the UK, duck islands and all. With the 3 major parties taking a hit in the polls, outsiders like UKIP and the BNP are hoovering up support, and Libertas wants some of it too. Hence their video to have a go at UKIP for troughing it in Brussels as much as everyone else has done in Westminster.

There are 2 problems for Libertas here. First of all no-one actually judges UKIP on their record. If you believe the EU is a conspiracy then you will vote for them anyway. That’s why they will do well. Secondly, the yes-but line about the EU that Libertas is trying to sell doesn’t easily work in UK politics – why not go for the out-and-out radicals, rather than an Irish chap that people don’t necessarily trust either?


  1. At least Tim thinks that we have more people in the press office than UKIP 🙂

    At the time of writing it is on 2,950 views and rising.

    I am going to see if I can make it to 5000 before Eastenders…

  2. “324 views is not exactly flying”

    As a rough guess 124 of those are us in the UKIP press office giggling at them. The other 200 are the Libertas guys giggling to themselves over how clever they’ve been.

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