Like or loathe them but UK Uncut have been highlighting tax avoidance in the UK in a way no-one has ever done before. Vodafone, Fortnum and Mason… more on their site.

But this is not a UK problem alone. Different corporation tax rates apply across the EU, and as if that were not enough of an incentive for footloose firms to shift, EU-Switzerland agreements make the latter a lucrative, low-tax location for companies. That’s before we even get on to tax havens like the Channel Islands or Liechtenstein.

So any proper attempt to deal with tax avoidance needs to be looked at EU-wide, with proper solidarity between EU countries, and a cohesive and fair approach towards low-tax regimes and tax havens.

Time I wonder for EU Uncut? And yes, I do already own…


  1. Dear Mr Worth,

    Our is a union of EU civil servants that is on the “same wavelength” as UKUNCUT,.

    If you launch, please email us.
    We would love to read the material and might offer some of ours.

    Please support and pass on our petition against cutting the EU establishment plan by 5% of the posts.
    It is near the top of our homepage.

    Meanwhile; have a nice weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Ashbrook

    S olidarity with those who work for their money
    I ndependence from the others
    D emocracy in all decisions taken by groups of
    sane, adult humans



    Phone: 00352 691 31 99 71

  2. Double Karma

    I’d say go for it

  3. Helean Romão

    I’d say definetely!

    One of the big doors for tax avoidance has precisely to do with the flaws in the double tax law within EU. Generally, this is a good law, but there are still many flaws and problems to solve in it, and it’s being taken care of.
    Another one is tax havens within EU, like Gibraltar, Madeira, etc.

  4. Martin Keegan

    Good. Let’s start the campaign by highlighting the failure to pay tax liable on unlawful contributions to MEPs pension funds, as criticised by the Court of Auditors.

  5. dotty_sparkletoes

    Yes. 100% Yes. One of the main threats issued by these tax avoiding companies is that if they are forced to pay a fair amount of tax, they will just up stakes and move entirely to another country.

    We need to show them that this kind of immoral behaviour is not acceptable, anywhere in the EU.

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