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Brussels crime: EU expats need to get active

A mother of three has been shot in Uccle and EUObserver is jumping up and down reporting on the crime rates in various Brussels communes. You can just hear the typical EU expat having a whinge at Place Lux complaining about things, about how unsafe Brussels streets are… and then […]

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A short Brussels journey by bike

Brussels on a bicycle is the fastest way to get around, but it’s often like some sort of assault course. Here’s an example. I set off from home at 1950 last night, heading from St Gilles to a friend’s place in St Josse, going via Flagey, rue Gray, chaussée d’Etterbeek. […]


Belgacom – aka Belgacon

I’ve moved in Brussels – from St Josse to St Gilles – and in typical Belgian style the cable TV operator is different in St Gilles. Seems the Belgian notion of competition is to divide up the communes between different suppliers rather than allow suppliers to compete on the same […]

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What is a think tank?

EUObserver has an article today entitled “Think-tank blasts EU commissioners’ pensions package“. The ‘think tank’ in question is, of course, Open Europe, and the article quotes their press release on the Commissioner pay issue: Taxpayers around Europe, whose pensions have been swallowed up in the recession, will rightly question why […]