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Lessons from Atheist Bus for the Gay Bus dispute

Stonewall has been running an excellent campaign on 1000 buses with the slogan “Some people are gay. Get over it!” So – surprise, surprise – some bigots decided to run a counter campaign on 25 buses with the slogan “Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it!” Only Boris […]


Online donation patterns

I’m at the Advocacy Online session at the eCampaigning Forum where I’ve just listened to a presentation from FullCitizen about online fundraising strategies [more here]. They rather swiftly dismissed the fundraising power of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter in one of their slides – there’s little or no conversion into fundraising […]

EU Politics

Atheists’ right to advertise

One of the arguments that my German friends like to make against the Atheist Bus Campaign (and especially it’s German equivalent) is that ‘because there is no religious advertising on public transport in Germany atheists do not need to advertise’. This is the sort of reasoning why companies such as […]

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Rocking the traditional media boat

I’ve had a few interesting experiences with what I would call the media establishment over the last few weeks, notably when asked to present the atheist bus campaign at Medienforum.NRW in Köln and at the European Communication Summit in Brussels. Köln was a panel discussion in German, while Bruxelles was […]


Atheist Bus – why did it work?

Here are some slides I have put together explaining why the atheist bus campaign worked. Feel free to use the slides and the lessons, providing you credit accordingly (CC / Attribution license). Atheist Bus Campaign View more presentations from jonworth.

UK Politics

At least 31% of the people on board this bus are fools

Atheist buses are one thing, stating there’s probably no god. But how about the christian counter adverts now on the streets of London? The christian party adverts that are even a rip-off of the design of the atheist ads are rather inoffensive as far as I am concerned; imitation is […]