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The atheist bus campaign is BACK

Back in the summer it was a fun idea from Ariane Sherine in The Guardian, a Photoshop mockup, and a Pledgebank page. Then just before the pledge expired it started to get a bit big, with Matthew Parris writing about the effort to get ads on the buses in his […]

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More on the atheist bus ‘campaign’

The campaign is BACK and bigger and better than before – visit the site here! OK, so the Atheist Bus pledge at Pledge Bank has expired, and 877 people promised they would give £5 to put an atheist ad on a London Bus. We were 3801 short. But hang on. […]

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Atheist bus campaign starts to roll

Back on 20th June I posted a short entry about how an atheist ad on a bus would be a fun idea, after an initial Comment is Free article by Ariane Sherine. I made a mockup in Photoshop of how the bus might look, and made a pledge on Pledgebank […]

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In your face atheism?

Preachers on street corners, ads in the underground and on the sides of buses – you can’t spend a day in central London without being confronted by some sign that religion should be your only salvation. In frustration I’ve had a rather sporadic go at this in the past – […]