So 2 days after #NetrootsUK, and a load of recriminations rumble on, mostly on Twitter. Sigh. Here’s a selection.

Look folks, events can always be more representative, more diverse, more gender balanced. But look at #NetrootsUK and compare it to almost any Labour event I have ever been to, and it was not at all bad. Compare it to Labour Party Conference, a preserve of old, white men, and #NetrootsUK was reasonably gender balanced, reasonably ethnically diverse, and definitely younger than your average party political meeting.

Let’s also not forget that it was organised by the TUC in double quick time, with plenty of volunteers chipping in with suggestions and helping out, summed up by this from Nishma Doshi:

This was the first ever event of this nature in the UK, and it generated loads of good conversations, ideas, energy. It will have helped provide the skills and the networks to boost representation of all kinds of groups online. This is most definitely a glass half full, not a glass half empty. Or did I go to a different conference to everyone else?

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