Tristram Hunt - CC / Flickr
Tristram Hunt - CC / Flickr

There’s a piece on the website of the Leyton & Wanstead Guardian that Labour is rumoured to want historian Tristram Hunt as its candidate to follow Harry Cohen who’s standing down. The line is that Hunt would be worse than Dromey if someone were to be ‘imposed’ on Leyton and Wanstead and I agree. More of my thoughts on the selection here.

But any candidate needs a website, right? So I thought I would have a look around to see what domain name variants of Hunt’s name had been registered, and here is is – the WHOIS for (holding page only at present):


Phone: XXX

Registrar Name….:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name:
Created on…………..: 2010-02-08
Expires on…………..: 2011-02-08

First of all it’s notable that the domain name was only registered 2 days ago, on 8th February. Second, isn’t it nice that he allows us to see his mobile number and personal e-mail address? Ever thought about WHOIS Privacy Tristram? (you can see the whole WHOIS here)

Anyway, it seems to confirm he’s up to something.

In light of comments I’ve probably been too tough to replicate Hunt’s data here, but all this remains in the publicly available WHOIS for the domain.


  1. Matthew Cain

    Hi Jon

    Great piece of work – and nice website for Liz Kendall.

    But wouldn’t it be better if the Labour party could be a bit more open and a little less exclusive when it came to selections? Doesn’t anyone have the right to stand? And shouldn’t they be entitled to a fair hearing without having people who don’t like them trying to jeopardise a candidacy that may not even exist?

  2. Look at the WHOIS! The data is public.

  3. Is it really a good idea to have published what could be Tristram’s home address, email and mobile number here? If that was me I’d want that taken down.

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