Who says you can’t have a chuckle about EU politics? Cédric Puisney has produced these spoof European Parliament election posters – CC License / Flickr. I especially like the Barrosloth one! 🙂 The original, serious posters are here.







  1. LOL Thanks for sharing! They’d definately get more votes than the originals! hehe

  2. Elina Kiiski

    😀 These certainly work better than the original ones. More this kind of creative and funny thinking to the elections! Not an easy job.

  3. Jo – fair point… I wasn’t asked but would be happy to work on these more.

  4. great posters, but can’t they get a native speaker to check the wording? My French is pretty good but I’d think twice before using it on posters without checking with a francophone first…

  5. bee media

    nice posters its funny but its really attractive…good post

  6. They’re more likely to get me to vote than the originals. Brilliantly done.

  7. I like it! Funny moment on the day!

  8. For once, a real choice for EU citizens. I’m going to vote for the posters with humour.

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