Barroso Dominoes - J. Worth / CC License - source credits in blog entry
Barroso Dominoes - J. Worth / CC License - source credits in blog entry

It’s pleasing to see that there are finally some high level politicians voicing their critique of José Manuel Barroso with the determination that he should not get a second term of office as President of the European Commission. Anyone But Barroso lives!

First of all the European Greens at their congress this weekend in Brussels took a strong ‘Stop Barroso’ position. They realise they will not have a majority in the EP after the elections, but the comments of Pierre Jonckheer and others are welcome.

Secondly Jean Quatremer reports on comments by eminence sage of EU politics, Jacques Delors, that Barroso should not be granted a second term. His solutions are – rather surprisingly – François Fillon or Alain Juppé (!) His reasoning is that the left will not win the EP elections, so better propose at least someone half decent from the right. There are others who reckon Michel Barnier would be a better bet, but there is a definite trend developing that the future of Barroso to a large extent depends on how things play out in France.

Lastly it looks like the Party of European Socialists is finally getting its act together, at least via the European Parliament if not via Socrates – Zapatero – Brown. PES President Rasmussen has spoken out that the new Commission President should not be chosen rapidly after the EP elections, as the EP should have more time to debate the issue. The implication here is that in the unlikely circumstance that the PSE Group is the largest in the EP after the elections then they could oppose the nomination of Barroso. There’s more in French in an interview with Rasmussen in Le Monde.

Photo credits – all elements of the Photoshop mockup from CC / Flickr images: Dominoes | Flag | Barroso | Rasmussen | Delors | Jonckheer

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  1. D'ALVA RIBEIRO Armindo


    Please denonce the conspiracy by the New York Delegation
    of the European Commission in favour of JOSE MANUEL BARROSO
    and against the electoral Program STOP BARROSO/ DANIEL COHN-

    D’ALVA RIBEIRO Armindo

    NEW YORK, NY, 10011

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