Back in July I made a first compilation of Youtube films about the European Union, in German, that were actually very funny. You can see those here. Now, thanks to Publixphere, here are a few more. Enjoy!

Showdown in Brüssel: Sonneborn vs. Oettinger
Everyone’s favourite Digital Commissioner was subjected to some, well, interesting questions from Martin Sonneborn from Die Partei.

Seehofer Wahlspot / CSU
Here’s the – serious – original

and Heute Show’s take (watch from 1 minute in)

Dany Cohn Bendit having a go at the Earl of Dartmouth
How we miss his humour in the EP!

SPD Europawahl 1989
How’s this for a power ballad? “Wir sind Europa!” – SPD EP elections campaign song 1989!

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