BananasThanks to this post from DJ Nozem, I’ve come across this amusing press release from DG Agriculture of the European Commission entitled ‘CAP Reform: Commission proposes new banana regime’. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! With all the criticisms always being levelled at the EU about its lack of democracy being akin to a banana republic, this press release is either a comic bit of self parody (unlikely) or simply a political error thanks to a tendency to use jargon all the time (highly likely). Maybe the Commission needs an English native speaker, or at least someone with some political common sense, to have a look at their press releases!

This follows soon after the Commission proposed to set up a new Globalisation Adjustment Fund (or GAF(!) for short), only to realise that was a bit of a gaffe and rebrand it the ‘European Globalisation adjustment Fund’ (EGF) instead – see this from the Commission.

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  1. ouch…

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