record-fine-intel-logoThe European Commission today announced a record €1.06 billion fine for Intel for anti-competitive behaviour – essentially for striking deals with PC manufacturers to prevent them buying chips from rival AMD. More details from European Voice here. €1.06 billion is a hefty fine, and even on its own would equate to just under 1% of the EU’s total annual budget.

How would that place Intel as a member state? If we look at line by line of the 2009 budget [PDF, Table 6, total own resources column] a €1.06 billion payment actually would make Intel the 18th highest contributor to the EU budget – Bulgaria, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia each pay less each year into the EU budget than Intel will have to do with this one fine.

Time for them to have some representation in the Council of the EU and the Parliament if they are such a net payer? 😉

[UPDATE 15.05.2009]
Saw this at Brussels Airport yesterday… The real one says ‘innovation’!

Intel - Collusion in Europe - J. Worth, CC Share Alike Attribute License
Intel - Collusion in Europe - J. Worth, CC Share Alike Attribute License


  1. Hmmm, I suppose you could see it that way… essentially the more money from fines then the less money the MS contribute through the 4th resource.

  2. Nice picture. I’ll try and do one like that.
    I agree with Cédric. Go for real competition! =)

  3. Jan Seifert

    Good statistics, Jon 🙂
    But the problem with EU fines is that they are immidiately forwarded to member states. They do not go into the EU budget in practice. I am not even sure if they are accounted for. – The Greens-EFA in the EP have long demanded that fines like these contribute to the EU budget, but member states have never taken up such proposals in the own resources decusions.

  4. If all new “members” are as generous as Intel, then let’s open the doors to Microsoft and all of their friends! 🙂

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