This video of Green AM Jenny Jones having a go at Boris Johnson is worth watching, not least because of Boris losing his rag and refusing to answer the AM’s questions (and also denying snorting the particulates off the roads).

The essence is that London has apparently found a trick to get around air pollution problems – sticking particulates onto the roads, to prevent them being inhaled by pedestrians. But the solution – spraying Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) twice a day (more on how it works here) – is costly, and hence is only being done on the streets where pollution monitoring stations are located. As Jones is right to point out, this is no solution to London’s air quality problems and is just a way for London to avoid a hefty fine from the European Commission for breaching air quality standards.

An additional irony to all of this is the very idea comes from an EU-funded pilot project in Austria and Italy, although admittedly there the CMA application is done in winter time when it has de-icing properties too…

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  1. Sounds a bit like cheating to be, rather than “get[ting] around air pollution problems”. eliminating the pollutants in the air around the measuring stations. That just distorts the measurements rather than changing the facts in the air.

    Seems like something the Commission really should look in to if this is the case.

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