photokitOn Saturday I am heading for Saint-Malo to board Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise for 5 days. I will be blogging / tweeting / filming / taking photos throughout the trip. So what am I going to take with me or this purpose? Items are numbered in the picture above, and click the picture for a larger version.

  1. Nikon D60 SLR, with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses, and a 8Gb and 4Gb SD card
  2. GorillaPod SLR flexible tripod
  3. Nikon charger, spare D60 battery, and compact Apple adaptors for the charger (UK, European plugs)
  4. Manfrotto KLYP iPhone 4S case, and Manfrotto Mini Led Light for filming
  5. Lytro camera (for experimental photography!)
  6. Charger for iPhone and Lytro, with UK, European plugs, with 4 way USB cable
  7. Old Canon camera bag (everything else fits in here!)

Not shown: iPhone 4S.

Then, you say, how do you get all that stuff uploaded? Of course anything from the iPhone can be uploaded directly, but from the D60 SD cards, and Lytro built in 8Gb storage, I need a computer, so I will also have my MacBook Pro 13″ with me, and Arctic Sunrise has wifi, although with very limited bandwidth. My Huawei E585 Mifi will come in handy too when I have a 3G signal!

Thoughts? Anything I am missing (within reason – I’m not exactly flush with cash)? I also own a GoPro Hero 1, and have access to an old compact Canon IXUS camera, but I think neither of these better accomplish what I need than the kit already listed. I also have a full size tripod, but this is just too large to lug around.



  1. Simon Blackley

    With a USB-OTG cable (£0.80 from you can probably leave the laptop at home.

  2. Yes, I have multiple SIM cards for the Huawei Mifi – for Germany, Belgium, UK and Austria. But I have never managed to get a decent deal for one for France. But anyway, Arctic Sunrise has wifi 🙂

    As for the trip to St Malo – booked with DB as far as Paris, and then SNCF for the Paris – St Malo bit!

  3. kljlkfjkljlgkajlksg

    You missed one thing: SIM cards from multiple countries. If you use a Danish SIM card, it’s going to cost you a fortune as the telecommunications industry still hasn’t realised that people need to use its services even if you cross an international border.

    I hope that you booked your tickets to the right place as thinks that Saint-Malo is in Munich. It’s a bit like booking tickets to Berlin at and being told that you are booking a ticket to a small village outside Middelfart.

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