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Ad-hoc live streaming

I’m currently broadcasting OK Festival here, because the wifi in the room is not working and hence I have needed to improvise. Here is the stream: Your browser does not support iframes. So how am I doing it? I am using the iOS app Bambuser for the live stream, and […]


The cheapest way to get an iPhone 4S in the UK

What’s the cheapest way to get an iPhone 4S legitimately in the UK? That’s the conundrum that’s been confronting me for the past few days. I’ve been on a £30/month contract with O2 for my old iPhone 3G, but I’m sure I can do better. I’m a medium data user […]

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The Honeyball, erm, Buzz iPhone app

There’s always an advantage to being the first to use some new technology. Or at least there should be, if it’s done well. While the rest of the world has been thinking up good iPhone (and other mobile) apps for some time, these things are thin on the ground in […]


The Ultimate Home Network 2.0

18 months ago I wrote a post about how I reckoned I had the ultimate home Mac network. Of course times change and things move on… so now I have the ultimate home network version 2.0. Why the change? Essentially I’ve moved flat and wanted to put all the tech […]