18 months ago I wrote a post about how I reckoned I had the ultimate home Mac network. Of course times change and things move on… so now I have the ultimate home network version 2.0. Why the change? Essentially I’ve moved flat and wanted to put all the tech in the places I wanted it around my flat, rather than just where the wires were. The diagramme above is what I’ve come up with, with basically everything running wirelessly. I’ve also added a few extra bits of smart tech since the original network was created.

The Macs are running Snow Leopard, using Time Machine for backups to the iomega disk. Data is synced between the 2 Macs using the excellent Fruux and the less excellent ChronoSync, notes are synced with Evernote, and mail is all done with an IMAP mailbox, so it’s the same on the Macs and the iPhone.


  1. The 13″ MacBook Pro is excellent in every way, I cannot fault it. The screen is bright and sharp, it’s so quick (almost as good as the iMac), and the build quality is very solid.

    The only issues I have are with Mac OS Snow Leopard – some applications (Transmit, BBEdit) suddenly quit, a bit frustrating. But that’s the software, not the MacBook itself.

    Get a MacBook Pro – you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Marcus

    How’s the replacement for the Powerbook working out?

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