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What’s life like on board MY Arctic Sunrise?

As Isabelle Philippe of Greenpeace France said to me, Greenpeace ships have some sort of mythical reputation about them. I suppose that’s why I took up the invite to go on board MY Arctic Sunrise in the first place. So what is life like on board Arctic Sunrise? You can […]

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Joel Labbé and Gilles Bertrand – fishing reform

I put a politician and a fishing spokesperson in front of the camera to ask them about Greenpeace, and what is needed for the future of fishing policy in France. First you will see Joel Labbé (Senator for Europe Ecologie Les Verts), and then Gilles Bertrand from l’Association des Ligneurs […]

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26-27 May – Arctic Sunrise at Saint Malo – photos

26 May – Arctic Sunrise allocated a berth that is hidden away in Saint-Malo 26 May – evening sunshine on Arctic Sunrise at Saint-Malo 27 May – Photosynth panorama at Saint-Malo, including projection on the wall 27 May – early light at Saint Malo 27 May – morning light 27 […]