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The upgrade work for the new blog is complete. Here is a quick summary of the changes…

  1. Running on WordPress 2.7, with a new theme based on Hybrid / Leviathan
  2. New Sportblog added, with excellent mapping like this thanks to the excellent XML Google Maps plugin for WordPress
  3. Twitter updates in the sidebar, and for the first time, Amazon advertising on the Commission Concours page
  4. Reorganised RSS – prominent links to RSS feeds in the menu bar, and RSS for each category
  5. Related posts list for each post, paginated comments with avatars (linking to Gravatar)
  6. All running on a new server based in Roubaix, northern France, for better connection speeds

The pages have only been tested in Firefox / Safari for Mac at the moment – so in browsers that respect the rules the pages should look OK. If you’re still using Internet Explorer tough, erm, well, I’ll fix that once I’m back in Brussels next week. Check out Browse Happy if you’re exasperated.


  1. Hi Jon

    an addict of your concours support forum here… what happened to it? can’t find it in its previous location, did you move it to somewhere else perhaps?


  2. Re 3: should Twitter updates (tweets?) be in Haiku form? And glad to see there may be a way to make pocket money as a blogger!

  3. Looks good, Jon.

    By the way, I’m in Brussels at the end of January (27th and 28th probably). Drinks…?


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