Back a couple of years ago when I lived in Brussels I was struck by the lack of good quality information online in English about life in the city. Too many people in Brussels for work in and around the EU institutions never see the best of Brussels, and the idea was to create a blog – – that would address that need. The inspiration was drawn from the French language BXL Blog.

Anyway, I still own the domain name, WordPress is installed and running, and I have an initial expression of assistance from @bramsmets on Twitter. The need for the blog very much still exists. Anyone else want to chip in and help? If so please comment here, or contact me!


  1. I have been thinking about starting something like that myself but alas more time time time would be needed…though it might be something for to pursue. Hebe as an association is trying to bring together Expats and Bruxelloises and to show people (expats more like) what Brussels really has to offer (outside of the bubble). So they would be ideal and the person to contact would be David. Greets!

  2. Gauthier

    Sometimes I wonder if there is so many people working in and around EU institutions that are interested in Brussels city life…

  3. Count me in as your first subscriber 😉

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