Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament and wannabe Commission President, was on BBC World’s Hard Talk yesterday (4th December 2013), and used the following words:

You used the term that I am a European federalist. I have never in my life used it that I am a European federalist.

Here’s the video of it, timed to start at the right moment:

Here is Martin Schulz being interviewed on The Daily Politics of the BBC, on 14th September 2012, and he uses the following words:

The Members of the European Parliament are, with a broad majority, European federalists, like myself.

He also goes on to say that he would go further than José Manuel Barroso did – Barroso had called for a ‘federation of nation states’.

Embedding the BBC video doesn’t work, so click the screenshot and you will be taken to the video on the BBC’s site:
Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 20.54.36

So then Martin, which one is it? Are you a federalist or not?

(Note: this case was pointed out to me in this tweet by Paolo Vacca – he deserves all the credit for the story!)


  1. EU Confederation would be much better .. where national states remain stronger than EU SUPER STATE. We do not need EUSSR

  2. Actually, Martin Schulz used to be an european federalist, dreaming the United States of Europe. Since he is President of the European Parlament he changed a little bit is position, claiming he is not anymore for the overcoming of the states but for an integration of few functions on a higher level (energy, monetary issues, foreign affairs, etc.). In his book (Der gefesselte Riese, 2013) he explained this minimal federalistic view as a not-federalistic one: this contradiction is maybe given by the fact that the term “federalist” has different nuances depending on the audience. Saying 2013 for the britisch public “I am not a federalist” is somehow like saying “I am not for an european “superstate” “.

  3. Joe Thorpe

    He’s not very endearing is he? What is going on in the minds of people that give him their vote?

  4. May I say that it is this is exactly the kind of thing which turns people off the EU.
    I for instance am a Europhile, intent on maintaining the EU and strengthening it through better cooperation, understanding and modernising.
    I am opposed to too much Europe, unnecessary expansion and excessive federalism.
    It is this which feeds the Eurosceptics’ argument and makes fence sitters veer towards scepticism.
    Sceptics are united in their dislike for the EU but Philes seem to come in so many shapes and forms it is bewildering for the general public to comprehend and come to any conclusion on matters.

  5. eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Eu como cidadão Europeu e Português tenho o direito de pedir mais reposabilidade ao governo e aos lideres da Europa e defendo que as politicas Europeias sejam politicas arquitetas e federalistas

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