Berlin has cycle lanes on most of its main streets, but many of these lanes are poorly designed or in bad condition. One of the worst is along Skalitzer Straße through Kreuzberg – it is an important east-west route between Kottbusser Tor and the Oberbaumbrücke.

As the first in an ad-hoc series on my blog I have made a short film about this path. I mounted my GoPro camera on the handlebars of my bike, and filmed a trip along the cycle path. It features all the normal obstacles – narrow and bumpy paths, pedestrians on the paths, badly designed junctions, and bad behaviour from other cyclists. Many of these issues – at least with the design of the paths – could be rather easily addressed in future I’d think.

Do let me know which paths to film next. I will definitely film Prinzenstraße to Heinrich-Heine-Straße sometime soon as well.

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  1. Nicolas Kayser-Bril

    Petersburger Straße!

    More seriously though, it’d be interesting to obtain the share of public spending bike lanes get compared to car lanes and put that in perspective with the number of car and bike users. Know where to find that?

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