2014 is going to be quite a year for the EU. It’s election time! And will we all toast the end of José Manuel Barroso’s political career? And Ashton too? And might election turnout increase to a level higher than Viviane Reding’s hair?

Anyway, these, and any other EU question, serious or otherwise, will be debated in more than 140 characters at the first two EU tweetups of the year:

Thursday 9th January, from 1800 onwards – Berlin
Gorki Park Café
Weinbergsweg 25, Mitte (map)

Wednesday 15th January, from 1800 onwards – Brussels
James Joyce Pub
rue Archimède 34 (map)

If you can’t find us, or want to know if we’re still there, have a look at #EUTweetup.

For those that have never been to a Tweetup before, the idea is quite simple: come along, have a beer, and talk in real life with folks you have otherwise been debating with on Twitter. There’s no agenda, it’s informal, people come and go. But we’ve had a good few dozen people coming along to tweetups, so it can’t be bad!


  1. Mark Johnston

    Terrific Jon, thanks for fixing this.

  2. eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Como cidadão da Europa e a viver na Europa eu julgo que será o fim da carreira do Português Durrão Barroso a Presidência Europeia precisa de politicos inteligentes e com os pés bém assentes no chão da Europa

  3. Kurt Wissendorf

    Bad Luck. The information about the EUtweetup.
    Im in BERLIN two weeks later. Could have been fun to meet you there.

    Best regards

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