gaffe-o-meter-2sWhy am I not surprised about this? The Czech Presidency has described Israel’s actions in Gaza as ‘defensive’. Hmmm, I think not.

I’m not looking forward to the Czechs in the chair for the next 6 months. Bring back Sarko, all is forgiven.

They don’t even know who’s who in the Kremlin, and they have to help fix the problems with Russian gas (not) flowing to Europe.


  1. Marko, actually I think the one you are citing is a long awaited good move in European Southeastern external relations in the past few years. And I really wonder what the hell Mr Sarkozy is doing in Israel. The Russian-Georgian truce, that is what I call a gaffe.

  2. Giacomo D.

    About Sarko:
    Among the two cited here I opt for the power seeking theory…
    but in this case, while still without a common “double hat president”, the Sarko’s game can be dangerous a lot…

    please at least a (Parliament elected) common foreign minister, please at least a (Parliament elected) common foreign minister…

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