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Does Topolánek have no shame?

Sorry to go on about the Czechs again, but they provide so much ammunition. Topolánek: your government has just fallen in the middle of the EU Presidency, the very same Presidency that has already stumbled from gaffe to gaffe, and then you make an all out attack on the President […]

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Are the Czechs heading for the worst Presidency ever?

Euractiv is today reporting that the Czech government might be on its last legs, with 2 rebel MPs threatening to bring down Mirek Topolánek’s administration. One of the rebels, Vlastimil Tlusty, said the government had made errors and it was time for it to quit. Not sure if he means […]

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Introducing the Czech Presidency Gaffe-o-Meter

The dreadful errors made by the Czech Presidency of the European Union go on and on… They don’t know who’s who in the Kremlin, they think Israel is defensive, and now they’ve caused all kinds of fuss by hanging art in the Justus Lipsius building in Brussels that depicts national […]

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It took 4 days for the Czechs to make a mess

Why am I not surprised about this? The Czech Presidency has described Israel’s actions in Gaza as ‘defensive’. Hmmm, I think not. I’m not looking forward to the Czechs in the chair for the next 6 months. Bring back Sarko, all is forgiven. [UPDATE] They don’t even know who’s who […]