Easyjet plane in snow - CC / Flickr
Easyjet plane in snow - CC / Flickr

In some strange irony in these times of climate change I’ve had to abandon the green option (Eurostar) and go for the polluting option (an Easyjet flight – CDGBristol) to get myself to South Wales. There have been all kinds of delays to flights around Europe over the last few weeks so this route is not guaranteed either. But unlike Eurostar I know what’s going on. Easyjet has a very clear and simple list of its cancelled flights on its website, and simple details about what to do if a flight does not leave. Its Twitter account – @easyjetcare – is very active and they replied to me within a matter of minutes. Impressive.

I also have the estimated departure time from the CDG website (telling me my flight is likely to have 1 hour of delay) and the live arrivals board from Bristol Airport. My flight is also listed on MySkyStatus so family can be kept informed by Twitter when my flight takes off and lands.

Now I may never manage to fly this evening, but I will at least have a clue what’s going on. Eurostar – perhaps you better learn from that?

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