David Miliband eating falafel - click to enlarge image
Summer is silly season in politics, and I’m doing my best to prove this blog isn’t immune to that, with the second odd David Miliband story in two days. Yesterday’s was about Syria and politics and today’s is about… falafel.

I was in Amman, Jordan last week, and one of the popular places to get a falafel is a small stall on Rainbow Street called Al-Quds. Alongside pictures of famous locals eating the 0.6JD falafel (about 50p) is one of none other than David Miliband eating there. This is about the most basic place to eat on this street – there are just a couple of benches outside where you can sit and chat to the locals. Smart it most definitely is not!

The framed newspaper clipping on the wall of Al-Quds is shown above. A translation of the Arabic text would be most welcome!


  1. @Ahmad – ace, thanks for the translation! I had suspected there would be rather little controversy in the text there.

  2. Translation

    ” Miliband tasting falafel in Jabal Amman : The British foreign minister David Miliband holding a falafel sandwich from the famous Al-Quds restaurant located as the 1st circle in Jabal Amman, accompanied by Naser Jodeh (the Jordanian counterpart) in a trip which took them to some places and restaurants with a traditional style in Amman. The owner of the restaurant “Romero” (Mr) Zaid Al-Qsoos (right) was keen to provide to the guest of Jordan the way to choose interesting places to visit, where Al-Qsoos was successful using his known experience in this mission. Which was positively perceived by the British minister who visits Jordan for the first since he became one,”

    Jordanian Newspapers tend to write in this tedious style.

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