16th September – order O2 broadband and they send me a confirmation e-mail.

17th September they set up my direct debit.

24th September they activate the line, 2 days late, but not bad. The day after they even rather nauseatingly tell me I am connected, and to smile about it.

No O2, I am smiling. I am swearing at my laptop. I need a modem router in order to be able to connect. Where is that?

I call them 29th September to find out. We are out of routers they say, but we’ll have a new batch in on 1st October, so you should get your modem by the start of the following week – 4th October.

It’s now 10th October, and I still have nothing, so I call them again. Where’s my modem I ask? Oh sir we have no shipment number for you. We’re out of modems. Why did someone tell me a modem would be sent to me within a week? It will not be sent. When will it be sent? We cannot tell you. Can I speak to a supervisor? No, they cannot tell you either.

So then 02, supposed winner of a whole slew of rewards, this is my way of hitting you: your service for home broadband is complete and utter crap. You take the time to inform me of all the good stuff, but have no comms whatsoever to inform me that you have none of the crucial routes to get my broadband to work. Winner.

Question is what the hell I do… Go to someone else and I waste weeks and weeks. Buy a router, and bill it to O2? Or at least I can pen a blog entry like this and maybe a few people might think twice before considering 02 broadband.


  1. ros.sinclair

    I have been trying to extricate myself from my long term 02 contract for over a month and for over a month they have been telling me my unlock code will turn up in seven days so that is well over 30 days now. And yet i see that they have told another person on a different blog..
    ”we’re really sorry that you’ve decided to leave O2, but we won’t make switching difficult for you. After all, we’d like you to come back one day.”
    I would laugh but I am so so sick of using the crap old phone I am using at the moment. Telecommunication companies and banks have got to be the worst companies when it comes to customer service.They think they can get away with it, thats the thing.

  2. Stephen Whittern Mr

    O2 deleted wife’s email account for no reason. Annoyed naturally. Only found out the complaints number via different website. Finally they admitted errors in under one week, gave them a month to sort or request compensation. Six months compensation on the account. Now direct debit wrong. O2 have been good considering the error that shouldn’t have Occurred in first place.

  3. o2 broadband are crap! they have got the worst service, keep putting a bar on internet speed and can never give you good customer service.

    my advice, don’t go with b02 broadband. quiet a few people I know have said the same thing about them.

  4. @Paul – thanks for the reply. I’m running the router in connection with an Airport Extreme now, and things are (a little) better. Problem was an old router I had won’t do ADSL 2+ – do you have a suggestion for a good, reliable, cheap-ish alternative modem router that works with O2?

  5. Massive security issues with o2 broadband router. Seriously consider a different broadband supplier if you can because they may be cheap but under the glossy o2 exterior you get what you pay for and o2 are pretty rubbish. Customer service doesn’t exist, it’s broken promise after broken promise, they tell you what you want to hear to get rid of you, and I’m not sure how stupid you have to be to work for o2, but they certainly don’t read emails before they reply to them. I’m not sure if they simply can’t read or if they don’t understand some of the words.

  6. robert

    Live off a mobile broadband PAYG connection for the time being?

    Otherwise, make sure you get at least the first two months free as compensation.

  7. Evil European

    RUN! RUN NOW!!! I have had a nightmare of a time with O2, ending with them disconnecting after failing to give any warning and, as it turned out, phone calls on blocked number with no one on the end, informing me that unlimited broadband does not actually mean unlimited (having changed the terms and conditions the previous month without actually telling me!).

    Terriable compalints service….you can’t actually speak to a human being, e-mail only and it took FIVE weeks to get a usless response.

  8. * O2/o2 (as in oxygen)

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