1. DamienRM

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard him any nonsense. He makes excellent points, and they all laugh at him. I love how Martin seems to make a sign of ‘go for it, danny’ at the end, but he’s right, the only thing Martin wants is to be EP president…
    It’s very sad to see instead of a left-right divide between pro-Europeans, there is a ‘realist’-‘idealist’ divide. It puts all cynical and inactive politicians in the same camp and in positions of influence and puts all others in opposition.

  2. french derek

    @ elated: No, he didn’t claim “it’s always the others”.

    He was first, quite rightly, bollocking the party grouping system for being unable to say why they supported the appointment, en masse, of Barroso’s new Commission (whereas he and his grouping could enumerate several doubts). For my part, the system where the whole Commission succeeds or fails, rather than individual Commissioners, etc, is a democratic gap.

    Second, he (again rightly) questioned why the EU leaders make promises to third-world countries, then don’t follow up.

    Too many of those sitting there seem to look upon it as a sinecure. They need a good kick up the backside occasionally. Unfortunately, Danny has won a name for himself as ” bit of a wag”, so he doesn’t get taken seriously. Not everything he says is nonsense.

  3. Elated

    “c’est toujours les autres”

    What would a psychologist read into that for this patient case?

  4. This will become a classic. It’s already one. Great he is, Dany, great he is!

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