Bow Road Underground Station Sign - CC / Flickr
Bow Road Underground Station Sign - CC / Flickr

I loose track who I’ve told and who has just heard earlier stages of the plan… so here’s an explanation about my imminent move to London.

Essentially for the last 6 months I have been wondering whether to move. After 3 years based predominantly in Brussels I felt it was time for something new, or at least a different challenge. Despite the appeal of Berlin I’ve opted to move back to London. The reasons for this are essentially professional – the scale of the web projects I am managing for clients in London gets larger and larger, and the clients more and more high profile – Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone for example. I’m doing all of that while not being in London more than a couple of days a month… so what can I do if I’m there all the time? Plus the cost of regular Eurostar trips is mounting.

I’ve now found a flat for my move to London – in Bow in East London, between Victoria Park and Bow Road tube station. For the political nerds that’s Bethnal Green & Bow constituency, represented by Rushanara Ali MP (who happens to be one of my web clients). I get the keys to the place on 20th August and will shift my stuff to London on 12th September. Between now and then I’ll mostly be in Brussels, with a couple of short trips to visit friends in Stockholm and family in France.

So that’s the plan. Where’s the next interesting web campaign?


  1. @Miss Anonymous

    Sure – I’ll still be blogging and there will also be EU aspects to it as well. My everyday work is not going to be EU related though, but I’m so involved with EU political stuff that there’s no way I’m going to stop writing about it!

  2. Miss Anonymous

    Hi Jon,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog especially the parts about the EU recruitment. I’m just wondering if you’ll keep Euroblog going once you move back to London?

  3. There’s a lot to miss!

    Above all I like the lack of social pressure in Brussels. You can do what you want, be what you want, and there’s little pressure to conform. I like the cafés, bars and restaurants. I’ll miss having an excellent park (Parc Duden) close. That the city is small enough to walk and cycle places. That its normal to have dinner with an Estonian, Slovenian and an Austrian. The fact that it’s so easy to get to Paris, Köln, Amsterdam. The beer and waffles. In short – there are lots of good things!

  4. robert

    Aside from all the previous griping about life in Brussels, it would be interesting for you to list the things you’ll miss.

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