Gawain at England Expects has an interesting article this evening that alleges that the contract for has been cancelled. Lest we forget, this is the EU-funded project being run by Euractiv and Mostra that aimed to create a sort of social network of national parliamentarians and MEPs, and drew criticism when the idea was announced for costing too much (Bruno Waterfield in The Telegraph), and that it just won’t work (as I wrote in May).

Now I can’t find any proof that the whole thing is dead in the water – there’s nothing on the MyParl website or blog. But let’s hope that someone, somewhere has realised that the whole thing was a folly.


  1. Alexandre

    Of course the project failed. Only a handful of MEPs managed to be recruited by EurActiv, while they had millions in their hands.
    It is true that tender specifications were developed by DG Communications, but the deliverables were nowhere near the targets.

    But it is no surprise, since it is a common EurActiv tactic, they have lost big projects before… they just want to get more and more money.
    Just the other day, we had a stand the EU Studies fair, a serious event while a number of EurActiv vultures were cheaply distributing leaflets for subscription to their jobs website, as if they were selling second hand goods in a flee market.
    Mr. Leclercq and his yellow suited lackeys should understand that this is not a way to maintain a steady business in this town, especially if he can not even maintain a steady team with a turnover rate of 50%… . His moto of ‘transparence et efficacite’ should first start from within…

  2. Interestingly enough, no one mentions that the project had to be launched by the Commission following up the introduction of the special budget line (pilot project) proposed by Tory MEP James Elles.

  3. Perhaps blogging outside the bubble gets a chance 😉

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