Trying to talk to someone in the UK about Brexit? Don’t contradict the laws of Brexit!

  1. Brexit means Brexit
  2. The British are never to blame for Brexit or any of its consequences
  3. Anyone seeing any problem with Brexit is talking the country down
  4. Giving any detail about Brexit shall be ruled out as the government refuses a running commentary
  5. Anyone doubting the sense of Brexit is guilty of not seeing the opportunities Brexit presents
  6. Doubting the economics of Brexit can be assuaged by remembering that Germany exports more cars to the UK than the UK does to the Germany
  7. Problems making Brexit happen on time are due to moaning Remainers and unelected judges
  8. Any campaign pledges made prior to the referendum are now known as aspirations, except leaving the Single Market – that was not said before the referendum but is now a commitment
  9. Brexit is not anti-European, it is about Britain being open to the world, and the rest of the world is queuing up to sign trade deals with the UK
  10. The EU is about to collapse anyway, so it is best for Britain to leave while it can

Remember! Thou shalt not forget the 23rd June. For it was our independence day!

(thanks to @kosmopolit, @chiara84 and @kleine_m for contributions to this list on Twitter!)

Good additional suggestions I will add here:
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