I was invited to speak at DG Cambridge on 14th October about UK – German relations in the context of David Cameron’s EU referendum. Antony Carpen was kind enough to film the speech, and put it up on Youtube:

There are three parts to the speech:
– How did UK-EU relations get to where they are?
– Why are UK-DE relations important in this context?
– What is actually going to happen?

I find myself in a unique position – to be able to observe the preparations for the UK’s EU referendum from afar, and to be regularly asked by people in German politics about it, and to be able to keep an eye on the German media’s framing of the issue. It’s in this context as an outsider that I tried to write this speech. If you read this blog you know my position about the EU, but whatever you think about the UK’s position in the EU, I hope there are some interesting points in here.

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